Take your dog on a Date

Today it seems we are busier then ever. Multi tasking is now the norm and there are days where all the different “hats” you have to wear all seem to be on at the same time. We really do want to the best for our pets but we know those bills don’t get paid by themselves! The solution? Set up a Date for you and your dog. Set aside a day that is filled with nothing but activities that your dog will love. Go on trail walks, frolic in creeks & streams, call your friends and set up playdates with their dogs, or have a picnic with some of your dog’s favorite goodies.

One of my most memorable dates was driving Mambo & Matilda down to Assateague Island near Ocean City. We spend the day in the surf & sand, checking out the wild ponies, and having a lazy lunch on a dune while watching the waves. Watching my dogs experience a place new with great smells & foreign objects to check out- Mambo found a dead horseshoe crab on the beach and approached it with great trepidation, was just as much fun for me as it was for them. By the time we got back to route 50 to head home both were knocked out in the back of the truck sleeping soundly. That wasn’t just a good date but a great one!

So as the onslaught of fall activities and winter festivities get added to our “To Do” list be sure to pencil a date for you and your dog’s date-Enjoy!

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