Proper Attire- Never leave home without it!
Its essential for your pets safety & well being that the following attire be in place before heading out the door.

Be sure to have a belt buckle style collar made of nylon or leather that fits properly around your pet's neck. Snap together collars have plastic fasteners that crack and break over time. Attach an I.D. tag with your pet's name, the most accessible phone # you can be reached at, and rabies vaccination tag to the collar. If you walk your dog using a harness still provide a collar with tags in place. A six foot nylon/leather leash without signs of damage can be clipped to either the collar or harness. Retractable leashes are cumbersome to use and can snap and cause bodily injury to you and your pet. The six foot leash gives your dog plenty of room to move but can be shortened quickly returning your dog safely at your side. Having these items in place increases your dog's chances of being returned home quickly if they get lost and treatment from a vet if they are injured while away from you.